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Saccharo Culture 100

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Saccharo Culture 100



In 1kg

Crude protein: Min 20%

Crude fiber : Min 3%

Crude ash : Max 6%

Moisture    : Max 10%

Mannan     : Min 2,000ppm



• Dairy Cattle: improved feed digestibility, milk fat, milk production and decrease somatic cell.

• Beef Cattle: improved average daily growth, daily mean intake and feed efficiency.

• Swine: improved palatability, daily mean intake, environment and prevents diarrhea.

• Poultry: improved Egg quality, Fertility, Hatchability.

• Dog and Deer: improved palatability and feed efficiency.

• Aqua: improved palatability and feed efficiency.

• Other animals: improved feed digestibility and feed efficiency.



Add 1-4kg of Saccharo culture 100 per ton of feed and well mixed



•Keep the dosage and administration.

•Keep out of reach of children.

•Keep the storage method for the medicine’s quality maintenance.

•After opening, please use the product shortly, and keep sealed saved medicine.

•Put in airtight container and store under dry and sunlight is blocked condition.


[Storage method]

Put in containers and store under dry and sunlight is blocked condition.



12 months after manufacturing date



1kg, 5kg, 20kg 

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